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Healthy and active lifestyles that help to fuel the community — now THAT'S renewable energy!

GreenFleet Hawaii wants to encourage, empower and reward individuals who make informed, charitable and healthy choices for themselves that in turn create a positive impact on the environment and community.

Individuals CAN make a difference by adopting a more active and healthy lifestyle.  Sign up for a free GreenFleet membership, use your free healthy lifestyle apps and track the immediate impact you have on the environment and community.

One step can make an impact. And if a community, a GreenFleet, takes ONE GIANT GREEN STEP TOGETHER it would have a greater impact towards lasting sustainability.

Take the steps to go beyond green!

Tread for Bread

"Donate" your extra calories to the Hawaii FoodBank and IHS simply by walking, hiking or running!


reCYCLE energy

Imagine being able to harness, store and use the energy you produce while riding your bike.


Healthy Hearts! Healthy Planet!

GreenFleet Hawaii is proud to announce a new program coming January 2012. The Healthy Heart Healthy Planet pilot program is an in-school, school-wide program that gives children a fun and alternative approach to fitness. Kids learn first hand the direct connection a healthy lifestyle has on the environment and community and how this interdependency supports lasting sustainability.

Carpool Challenge

Help take miles OFF Oahu roads and win prizes!


GreenFleet Hawaii has partnered w/ the Kokua Hawaii Foundation to bring a Free Bike Valet to the Jack Johnson Waikiki Shell Concerts August 1st & 2nd!

GreenFleet Hawaii has partnered w/ Aloun Farms to bring the 2nd Annual Healthy Halloween Fair & Harvest Adventure Run to Kapolei this October!

GreenFleet Hawaii has partnered w/ BeachBody to bring P90X fitness guru Tony Horton to Hawaii for a special workout session and book signing event!

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